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Speedway Junior High School

Quality of education is a critical factor in attracting employers and residents to any community. Businesses want to be sure that local schools will be an asset to their employees, and every family wants the very best for their children. Speedway passes this test with flying colors, offering residents one of Indiana’s top-rated school corporations – the School Town of Speedway.

Small neighborhood schools with smaller class sizes, exceptional teachers, and a focus on individualized instruction combine to create unparalleled student academic success here. In fact, Speedway students perform far above the state average and are elite in Marion County.

Here are just a few of the achievements highlighting Speedway’s educational excellence:

Students in Speedway know that when they graduate from the classroom here, they will be well prepared for success in college, and whatever career they choose.

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Higher Education

Higher education opportunities are essential to sustaining Speedway’s workforce readiness.  Fortunately, with numerous colleges and universities located nearby, residents don’t need to go far from home to pursue their post-secondary education goals.  And, as part of a larger motor sports initiative, nine Indiana colleges have created courses of study specific to the motor sports industry – and central to Speedway.

For more information on the colleges and universities near Speedway, visit the following websites:

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