Speedway Redevelopment

“We see tremendous opportunity for Speedway to create a world-class motorsports education, technology and cultural center within a revitalized town center — this would be unique in America.”
— Urban Land Institute

Speedway is on track for economic success — a cache of rich market potential waiting to be discovered in the Mecca of the motorsports industry.

As one of central Indiana’s up and coming vibrant communities for business and families alike, we’re primed to build upon our unique history and motorsports ancestry — both an integral part of the rich fabric that makes Speedway a great place to live and work.

The town is planning four distinct development districts primed for business growth — including the Motor Sports Technology district, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway district, the Museum/Entertainment/Retail district and the Town Center district. Speedway is working with the state of Indiana to develop targeted incentive packages that will attract domestic and international companies and stimulate startup firms.

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