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Phase 3 update: -Water service line installation complete -Sanitary sewer installation has begun -Safety fence has been installed against sidewalks throughout construction site -As we get closer to sidewalk demolition and installation, please prepare your business for rear access -New, temporary parking spaces are available –(20) back lot of 1255

Phase 3 of the Main Street project is anticipated to start Monday, August 9th. Construction signage will be placed a few days prior to that start date. We will continually work on parking availability throughout Phases 3 and 4 and will post updates as each new solution emerges. Periodic construction updates will

Phase 3 of the Main Street project will start Monday, August 9. The project area is from 13th Street to abount 1430 Main Street. Signage will be placed early Monday morning prior to beginning construction/destruction. More… Available parking includes spaces in front of 1200, 1201 and 1255 Main Street buildings.

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