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Dallara Magazine January 2011 After the first stone for the new headquarters was laid last November in Speedway, Indiana, work began on the construction of a new factory, which will be operational by next August, a few yards from the legendary 500 Miles track. Stefano De Ponti, head of

Star Report Indianapolis Star January 21, 2011|newswell|text|Communities|s The town of Speedway’s Economic Development Commission is meeting today to consider a request for a $6.5 million bond to pay for the new Dallara building. The bond issue would be guaranteed by the Speedway Redevelopment Commission and will be paid for

By Dave Lewandowski January 4, 2011 The new Dallara simulator isn’t your or Wii console. It can’t be compared to another unit because, well, there isn’t anything quite like it. Occupying a 40×40 foot, two-story room at Dallara headquarters in Parma, Italy, it contains more than 5,900

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