Allison Transmission announces 250 new jobs

Allison Transmission announces 250 new jobs

April 19, 2011,0,4909299.story

Allison Transmission announces 205 new jobs

Indianapolis—Tuesday, Allison Transmission announced it plans to expand its Indianapolis headquarters with an $89 million investment. The company plans to hire 205 by 2013. In addition to the creation of new jobs, Allison plans to improve its current facilities, manufacturing operations and equipment.

The company said it has currently been developing and testing a new and innovative commercial duty transmission for over-the-road tractor trailers for the past several years and has recently received approval from its board of directors to begin production.

Also included with Tuesday’s announcement were plans to improve 10 Street in order to allow for additional room for expansion on the west side campus adjacent to the town of Speedway.

“Allison Transmission has long been an Indianapolis success story. The company’s continued growth and substantial investment will provide new job opportunities for hundreds of workers in Indianapolis and new high-tech products for their customers around the globe,” said Mayor Greg Ballard (R). “The city, state, and town of Speedway have partnered to support this major expansion, which will further cement the company’s presence in Indianapolis.”

Allison Transmission currently employs about 2,500 people in Indianapolis. The company said it hired 50 employees just earlier this month. Additional positions will begin to be filled as facility upgrades are phased-in. Further hiring is expected to take place over the next two years.
“The State of Indiana, the City of Indianapolis, the town of Speedway and the great people in this community have all been good to Allison Transmission for a very long time and we appreciate the support. As our company looked at our Indianapolis campus and thought about future growth and expansion, the critical element we lacked here was room to grow. Today’s announcement to re-direct 10th Street, in front of our facilities, changes all of that and puts our company in a position where we can grow our business, expand our product offerings, hire more people and expand our global headquarters here in central Indiana, “said Lawrence E. Dewey, Allison Transmission Chairman and CEO.

“We have been a long time corporate member of this community and we plan on maintaining our presence here.”

“On the day we learned that Indiana surged forward in March by nearly 10,000 new jobs and that our unemployment rate continues to drop below the nation and all of our neighbors, we welcome this further piece of good news. Momentum is building in the Hoosier economy, and Allison, for generations one of our greatest companies, is a big part of it,” said Governor Mitch Daniels (R).

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