Construction underway for new healthcare pavilion in downtown Speedway

Construction underway for new healthcare pavilion in downtown Speedway

May 9, 2012

By Kjerstin Ramsing at

Big changes are coming in Speedway, just in time for the 96th Indianapolis 500.

Community Health Network is breaking ground on a new healthcare pavilion Wednesday.

“The new facility is located at corner of Main and 10th streets, so we really think it is at a location that really provides a window to the whole town of Speedway and the redevelopment they have undertaken,” said Jon Fohrer

The $1.8 million Community Westview Health Pavilion is yet another change to Main Street and downtown Speedway. Those close to the project said it serves as a significant anchor for Speedway’s redevelopment initiative to improve the area.

“We had lots of vacant old industrial sights a year ago at this time and those have been cleaned up the sights cleared we have done some environmental abatement we have put new roads and sidewalks it just looks cleaned up,” said Scott Harris, director of Speedway Redevelopment.

At 40,000 square feet, the company said at least 50 new jobs will be created. Its goal is to provide health care in the growing area of Speedway and the surrounding neighborhoods on the West side.

“Speedway is a unique location and is one of a kind in United States,” said Harris. “We have the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. On the north we have Allison Transmission within this area. It is a unique location and by having this area cleaned up Main Street fixed up it is in inviting place to look at to relocate especially motorsports related.”

The ground breaking is set for 11 a.m. Wednesday.

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