Construction Update: August 6, 2010

Construction Update: August 6, 2010

Phase 3 of the Main Street project will start Monday, August 9. The project area is from 13th Street to abount 1430 Main Street. Signage will be placed early Monday morning prior to beginning construction/destruction. More…
Available parking includes spaces in front of 1200, 1201 and 1255 Main Street buildings. New parking spaces will be created in the following areas:

–20 spaces behind the 1255 building via the drive between 1201 and 1255 (the existing fence will be removed)

–12 spaces in the Linder’s lot (1330 Main Street)

–5 diagonal spaces on Main Street between 15th and 16th

We continue to work on additional parking and will notify you of spaces available. Employees are encouraged to park in the more out-lying ares in order to accomodate customers (both yours and others) to park closer to the businesses.Thanks in advance for your patience during this transition.

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