Dallara gets construction in gear for Speedway facility

Dallara gets construction in gear for Speedway facility

Dallara gets construction in gear for Speedway facility
Company to break ground Tuesday

Tania E. Lopez
Indianapolis Star
November 11, 2010

Groundbreaking for the future home of Italian chassis maker Dallara will take place Tuesday, bringing Speedway a step closer to realizing the town’s redevelopment dream.

Dallara is set to begin building a $7 million facility that will be used for assembling car chassis for Indy Racing League teams.

The company has been charged with creating a new chassis for the IRL. The IRL was supposed to unveil the chassis this summer, but those plans have been delayed until 2012.

For Speedway, Dallara’s presence is a significant element that will contribute to the Westside town’s redevelopment. For the past five years, Speedway has been on a mission to revam its image.

“Dallara is a very well-known firm that has an impact on racing worldwide and for this to be their first location outside of Parma, Italy, is big,” said Scott Harris, executive director of the Speedway Redevelopment Commission.

Dallara has a cluster of related businesses and suppliers in close proximity to its Parma location, and the company wants to replicate that synergy in Speedway, Harris said.

In keeping with its name, Speedway has been on the fast track for redevelopment since the state legislature allowed such excluded cities within Marion County’s boundaries to begin managing their own development five years ago. Prior to that, Harris said, such planning was left to the county.

Since then, the town has worked on redeveloping Main Street by installing new water sanitary storm lines, utilities, repaving, new curbs and dedicated bicycle paths. Phase four of that project should be completed by April, Harris said.

In addition, the town purchased the old vacant Budget Inn, located at one of the town’s highly visible gateways at the intersection of I-465 and Crawfordsville Road, so that it could be torn down. The demolition of the eyesore, once known for attracting crime, will be completed by Friday.

Companies don’t want to relocated to unattractive areas, Harris said. “I think that we’re creating a much more inviting plan for Praxair, Heritage (Crystal Clean) and Allison (Transmissions),” he said.

Last month, the commission approved RLR Associates to design a Wall of Fame on Main Street to highlight the history of the town, its industrial giants and the role of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Harris said the town and the Redevelopment Commission have their work cut out for them, but there is no doubt that now that Dallara is coming to town, others will soon follow.

“It is going to be nonstop,” Harris said. “We anticipate that sometime around this year, we’re going to have three to four more construction projects going.”

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