Dallara will further Speedway renaissance

Dallara will further Speedway renaissance

Indianapolis Business Journal
Letter to the Editor

Bringing Dallara to Speedway is a big win, not only for the Indy Racing League but for the town of Speedway and the Speedway Redevelopment Commission. We are pleased that Dallara has made a commitment to manufacture and assemble its new chassis for the 2012 IndyCar Series season in our community.

One hundred years ago, four automotive pioneers designed a racetrack and began the process of defining a community around the new automobile industry. The innovative minds of Carl Fisher, James Allison, Frank Wheeler and Arthur Newby were key to this fledgling sector of commerce.

Five years ago, the town of Speedway and its Redevelopment Commission began the process to redevelop Speedway, revitalize our community and establish an environment for new investment. We began to regain our heritage, building on the strength of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Praxair Surface Technologies and Allison Transmission. We focused on racing, innovation and community.

Dallara will bring jobs to Speedway, stimulate our local economy and continue to foster the growth of a vibrant, racing-centered community. In fact, Dallara has made the decision to expand its Italian operations to Speedway, resulting in an investment of $7 million into our community and allowing for the creation [of] more than 80 jobs.

Dallara will move into a new, state-of-the-art technology center on Speedway’s Main Street, located in Redevelopment Area One. The center will feature a public restaurant, and will serve as the keystone of our redevelopment project.

Indiana is recognized worldwide for its contribution to the international motorsports industry. The IRL’s announcement strengthens our state’s presence in the racing community, and will lead to more investment in our existing motorsports industry. Additionally, this decision will foster new business development by attracting new manufacturing, automotive technology development and IndyCar racing teams to Speedway.

As the home of the greatest spectacle in racing, the Indianapolis 500, we are proud to be a part of the continued success of the motorsports industry in Indiana and the world. Please join us in welcoming Dallara to our community and to the Indianapolis area.
Vince Noblet
Speedway Redevelopment Commission

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