January 29th, 2010

January 29th, 2010

Main Street pavers are on display in the parking lot of Speedway Town Hall. The signs show designation for sidewalks, crosswalks and parking areas. Please take a few minutes to stop by so you can visualize the vast improvements to come!

Construction is progressing on schedule, but it is still predominantly subsurface.

AT&T continues utility relocation within the Phase I area. Storm sewer construction has begun on the south half of Phase I as well, while sanitary sewer installation continues north, with the south half complete. Miller Pipeline, the contractor for Citizen’s Gas, anticipates having all work completed by the end of Jan. 29 to move off the project site.

We’ve begun working on accessibility logistics for Phase II (10th Street to 11th Street) and Phase III (13th Street to mid-block of 14th).

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