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As the home of the world-famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Town of Speedway plays host to over a million race fans every year. Known as the “Motor Sports Capital of the World,” Speedway has a friendly, small town feel with all the advantages of living in a major metro area.

A close-knit community of about 12,000 residents, Speedway is a self-governing Town within Indianapolis, the 15th largest city in the nation. Thanks to this unique advantage, the Town is able to offer residents and businesses lower property taxes, independent police and fire protection, an independent school system and library, and lower utility costs. Speedway’s location within Indianapolis means that residents are just minutes away from big-city shopping, dining, entertainment, cultural and sports attractions and a wide array of employment opportunities.

A History of Racing, Innovation and Community

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As one of the first planned residential communities for industry in the United States, the Town of Speedway boasts a long history of innovation and technology. Speedway officially became a town on July 14, 1926, 17 years after the opening of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Envisioned as the nation’s first “horseless city” by visionary Carl Fisher, Speedway was developed as a well-planned and comfortable community, centered around the culture of automobiles. With an initial population of 507 residents, Speedway quickly grew, tripling its population within four years. While racing is still at the heart of Speedway’s identity and spirit, the residents also embrace a strong sense of community and businesses here continue the tradition and values instilled by Speedway’s founders.

Old SpeedwayCity Neighborhood Association

Old Speedway City Neighborhood Association

The Old Speedway City Neighborhood Association (OSCNA) was formed in 1999 and serves as a forum for discussion and solutions for the Old Speedway City Neighborhood. The Town of Speedway became a town in 1926 with boundaries for the original platted city from Main Street to Winton Avenue and 10th Street to 16th Street. The original neighborhood is now a designated historic district.

The OSCNA promotes pride in the neighborhood, and works to preserve the history and traditions of the original Town of Speedway.

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