Popular Southern Indiana brew pub to put down new roots in Speedway

Popular Southern Indiana brew pub to put down new roots in Speedway

“Big Woods Speedway” expected to create 75 jobs at new Main Street restaurant and beer garden

Speedway, Ind. – The Speedway Redevelopment Commission announced today plans for construction of Big Woods Speedway, a 7,500-square-foot restaurant and beer garden at the corner of 10th and Main streets.

The new location will serve up a full menu including artisanal pizza and smoked pork nachos made famous at the Nashville, Ind., restaurant of the same name. It also will offer a best-in-class craft beer selection, including brews from the group’s Quaff ON! Brewing Co. in Bloomington, as well as Foyt family wines and other collections and craft spirits.

“Big Woods Speedway serves as an impressive anchor to Main Street’s south end,” said Vince Noblet, president of the Speedway Redevelopment Commission. “Their commitment to expand to Speedway is not taken lightly – the opening of an award-winning restaurant will result in positive growth for the Town of Speedway and is a great new addition for our residents and visitors alike. We also really appreciate their commitment to a delightful customer experience and think that will play very well in Speedway.”

Town Council President David Lindsey said Speedway is thrilled to welcome yet another enhancement to Main Street. “Big Woods’ craft beer, artisan pizza and famous pulled pork BBQ nachos add a new layer of fine food, brews and entertainment to our growing list of Main Street businesses – which will encourage even more families to visit Speedway.”

Big Woods will take the best of what it has developed in its Nashville and Bloomington locations to create a destination experience for the residents of Speedway and the millions of visitors who come to Speedway annually.

“As we explored possible locations to expand into the Central Indiana market, we were drawn to the iconic nature of the Town of Speedway, and we have been paying close attention to the success of the redevelopment plans for Main Street,” said Jeff McCabe, co-owner of Big Woods/Quaff ON! “If you think about the right place to add to our location list alongside Nashville and Bloomington, Speedway couldn’t be beat. We could immediately see the vision for community revitalization and wanted to be part of the Town of Speedway’s success in bringing that vision to life.”

Construction is planned to begin this summer with the goal of being fully operational by early next spring. Big Woods Speedway plans to initially create 75 jobs.

The Big Woods Speedway beer garden will feature a unique outdoor ambience with live entertainment, special beer garden amenities and classic outdoor activities.

In addition to the Speedway project, the Quaff ON! Brewing Co. facility in Nashville is undergoing an expansion that will double brewing capacity over the next four months. The project will help Quaff ON! to meet growing demand for such flagship labels as Busted Knuckle, Six Foot Blonde, Hare Trigger IPA and Yellow Dwarf American Wheat. Keep track of the project at @BWSpeedway and bigwoodsspeedway.com.

For a better taste of what’s to come, Big Woods is offering a beer school this Saturday, April 25 at the Big Woods Brewing Company located at the corner of Honeysuckle and Molly’s Lane in Brown County. The event starts at 11 a.m. and costs $5.


About Speedway Redevelopment Commission
The SRC consists of five volunteers appointed by the Speedway Town Council. Using input from the entire community, the commission is charged with developing a plan to revitalize a 700-acre area, including Speedway’s Main Street and the large area to the northwest termed Area 2. More information about the SRC is available at www.speedwayindiana.com.

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