Racing Plans Go Full Speed Ahead

Racing Plans Go Full Speed Ahead

Racing Plans Go Full Speed Ahead
Dallara, Indy Racing Experience Construction Moving Forward

July 19, 2011
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SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Economic development is going full throttle at the new Dallara and Indy Racing Experience construction site in Speedway.

Dallara is building the new IndyCar chassis, along with new two-seaters for the Indy Racing Experience.

Eventually, Dallara will build 60 of the new cars at a site on Main Street that is under construction. The 100,000-square-foot building is a $12 million investment, and the contract to build IndyCars is just the beginning.

“We are already talking to different manufacturers to offer our consulting services and engineering services, not necessarily in racing,” said Stefano de Ponti, Dallara general manager. “(There are) other fields where we can develop and put something together with Dallara expertise.”

Rides on a street-legal two-seater will be available in Speedway for about $30.

“It will be a short ride. You’ll go past the Speedway, around Allison’s and back again,” said Scott Jasek, of Indy Racing Experience. “It will be a little over a two-mile circuit. It’s run daily.”

A museum and a restaurant will be built inside the Main Street complex, and Speedway plans more enhancements.

“We are evaluating to build a couple of new buildings, historic in character, on the south end of Main Street,” said Scott Harris, of the Speedway Redevelopment Commission. “We are in some stage of dialog in regard to two other major structures on the east side of Main Street.”

Last year, Dallara’s design was selected from five manufacturers that had been vying to construct the chassis. Part of the agreement was that it had to be made in Indiana.

Dallara has been involved in race cars for the last 40 years. Construction on the building is set to wrap up in October, and the Indy Racing Experience plans to begin offering rides in October too.


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