Speedway Celebrates Progress and Announces Plans for 16th Street Roundabout Project

Speedway Celebrates Progress and Announces Plans for 16th Street Roundabout Project


Aug. 20, 2013

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Speedway Celebrates Progress and Announces Plans for 16th Street Roundabout Project

Construction Scheduled to Begin Fall 2013

The Speedway Redevelopment Commission, Town of Speedway and Indianapolis Motor Speedway have announced plans for the upcoming construction of the 16th Street roundabout project.

The Commission has received public input from residents and commuters and partnered with organizations over the past eight years to conduct studies on the most cost-effective and results-driven solutions for the 16th Street area. These studies included a regional transportation corridor study, two separately conducted traffic impact studies, and a detailed environmental assessment study. The studies have been a collaborative effort of Speedway, the City of Indianapolis, the State of Indiana, the Federal Highway Administration and IMS.

Traffic studies and public feedback concluded that the current Crawfordsville Road and 16th Street intersection is awkward and dangerous for both pedestrians and vehicles. In 2012, 49 accidents were reported at this intersection, more than 63 percent of the total accidents in Speedway for the year. The intersection operates at a less than desired level of service during peak periods today and is projected to operate with a higher level of congestion by 2030. Installing a roundabout at 16th Street and Crawfordsville Road will help enhance traffic flow and allow for business growth in the surrounding areas. In addition, the roundabout can help improve air quality and will allow for enhanced safety and security in the area.

“Many studies show significant safety benefits of modern roundabouts over traditional intersections,” said Brandye Hendrickson, Indiana Dept. of Transportation District Deputy Commissioner. “The circular design lowers speeds, reduces potential collision points and nearly eliminates the most severe types of crashes.”

The 16th Street roundabout project represents the next vital step in a multi-million dollar redevelopment of Speedway’s Main Street and Speed Zone area.

“We are thrilled to begin the next phase of our redevelopment,” said Vince Noblet, the Commission president. “Main Street has become a thriving, downtown district, and the direct connection to Crawfordsville Road that the new roundabout will provide will allow progress to continue. This project not only will allow Main Street to flourish, it will increase the safety of our residents and visitors. This will ultimately result in positive growth and investment in the Town of Speedway.”

As part of the project, Georgetown Road will not connect to the roundabout. Initial plans for Georgetown Road include a cul-de-sac, just north of the current intersection at 16th Street. A final plan for the future stretch of roadway from 16th Street north to 25th Street is being developed. The IMS safety committee consisting of local, state and federal law enforcement agencies has determined that the close proximity of major thoroughfares to the grandstands is a potential threat to the safety of IMS visitors.

“We must make bold decisions that will positively impact the track and the town, not only now, but 50 years from now,” said Doug Boles, president of IMS. “The changes to the 16th Street intersection will allow for IMS to increase safety for the millions of visitors to the track and the Town of Speedway.”

Speedway residents and business owners are invited to attend an educational public open house on August 22, 2013 from 4–8 p.m. at Dallara to learn more about the upcoming roundabout project.

More information about additional Master Plan projects, including the 16th Street roundabout project, can be found at speedwayindiana.com.


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