Speedway finishes first phase of redevelopment

Speedway finishes first phase of redevelopment

Rich Van Wyk

Speedway – Practice has yet to start at the Speedway yet, but the town of Speedway has already won its own race. The first part of a huge revitalization effort was finished just in time for fans and traffic.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s main stretch brickyard is ready, and so is the one on Speedway’s Main Street.

The three-block makeover, the first in decades, is the first part of a massive revitalization effort.

“It’s here. Now it is real. You are no longer working from a picture. You are working from reality,” said Vince Noblett, Redevelopment Commission president.

From an austere headquarters, the redevelopment commission is steering an ambitious plan that involves new condominiums, businesses and other attractions for Main Street. A flashy roundabout outside the Speedway would lead to a relocated 16th Street, making room for a possible hotel conference center.

“We put on one of the world’s greatest races. We need to meet the expectations of customers who come to the race,” said Noblett.

Repaving Main Street and replacing sidewalks will take another year, but some businesses are already seeing the benefits.

“People are fixing up their properties. They are actually putting money into their property and making their property look good. It’s been needed for 10 or 15 years,” said Jim Linder, business owner.

Although Speedway’s revitalization plan is finally off and running, this town founded around motor sports will need years and tens of millions of dollars to reach the finish line.

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