Speedway Master Plan of Area 2 Unveiled

Speedway Master Plan of Area 2 Unveiled

Nov. 2, 2012

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Speedway Master Plan of Area 2 Unveiled
Plan includes development, transportation updates to northwest side of Speedway

SPEEDWAY, Ind. — Continuing the momentum of progress made on Speedway’s Area 1 Master Plan, including new construction, shovel-ready sites, new dining options and pedestrian friendly areas, the Speedway Redevelopment Commission presented the findings and Master Plan for Area 2 on Nov. 1.

Area 2 is located in the northwest corner of Speedway and is a beneficial piece to the commercial needs of the town. After obtaining public input through stakeholder meetings, focus groups and various design concepts and zoning guidelines, the SRC, along with its many partners including American Structurepoint, developed the Master Plan for Area 2.

The plan, which includes transportation objectives and four distinct districts, will work to help restore economic growth and encourage reinvestment and property improvement.

“The plan for Area 2 has been a work in progress, with many studies and public input,” SRC President Vince Noblet said. “As the next phase of our town’s redevelopment plan gets up to speed and our work within Area 1 continues, we look forward to guiding additional progress of positive enhancements to the community and surrounding areas.”

The four districts are along I-465, Crawfordsville Road and High School Road. Each has a slightly different plan but all are intended to create a healthy and economic environment. Goals include an anchor tenant, such as a large convenience store or supermarket, offices, shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment attractions and pedestrian friendly areas with new sidewalk improvements.

The long-term goals of this plan area an increased tax base and job growth, along with a higher quality of living for residents.

For more information, please visit http://www.speedwayindiana.com/news-resources/area2masterplan.


 About Speedway Redevelopment Commission
The SRC consists of five volunteers appointed by the Speedway Town Council. Using input from the entire community, the commission is charged with developing a plan to revitalize a 700-acre area, including Speedway’s Main Street and the large area to the northwest termed Area 2. More information about the SRC is available at www.speedwayindiana.com.

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