Town of Speedway to Develop Energy Assurance Plan

Town of Speedway to Develop Energy Assurance Plan

Plan to be funded by $60,000 Department of Energy grant

SPEEDWAY, IND. – The Town of Speedway has been awarded a Local Energy Assurance Planning (LEAP) Grant by the U.S. Department of Energy. The grant, which totals $60,000, will fund the development and preparation of an Energy Assurance Plan for the Town of Speedway in conjunction with the town’s ongoing planning and revitalization efforts by the Speedway Redevelopment Commission (SRC). Speedway and Fort Wayne are the only Indiana communities of the 43 cities and towns across the country to receive grants from the $8 million competitive program.

The objectives of the LEAP program are to strengthen and expand local government energy assurance planning and resiliency, and reduce the impacts from energy supply disruptions to improve energy reliability and security. The Town of Speedway will incorporate an analysis of energy demand and alternatives to decrease demand, including energy efficiency, as well as the feasibility of supply diversification with renewable energy, distributed and conventional generation systems and Smart Grid technologies.

“These awards will help communities plan for quick, effective responses to a range of potential energy emergencies,” said Steven Chu, US Secretary of Energy. “Energy assurance planning at the local level provides important support for our national security, limiting the costs and damages from blackouts and other energy disruptions and ensuring power is restored to homes and business as quickly as possible.”

Sharon Zishka, clerk-treasurer of the Town of Speedway, will oversee the grant.  CTG-Energetics, a California-based consulting firm focused on sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings and communities, will provide the technical expertise to develop the plan. Mansur/Greenstreet, master developers of the Main Street revitalization, will manage the project and coordinate with the Town, utilities and major stakeholders in the development of the implementation strategy. The LEAP project will take approximately six months.

“Increasingly, economic development will be dependent on the availability of cost-effective and reliable infrastructure systems, including energy,” said Vince Noblet, SRC president. “An energy assurance plan gives Speedway another tool to attract new investment and builds on the redevelopment planning we’ve accomplished with the SRC.”


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